Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Robinson's and General "Hanging-Out"

Very little of any particular interest has happened lately...

Sunday, November 29:
My aunt took my cousins and I to mass. Afterward, we picked up my uncle and went to Robinson's for the first time since it opened. Since we only stopped by the supermarket, we were unable to check out the other stores. Afterward, we had dinner downtown at Jo's Chicken Inato.

Monday, November 30:
Monday was actually a lot of fun. At 2:00 pm, I met up with a couple of friends. They're actually my cousin's two best girl friends, and they're a lot of fun. My aunt dropped me off at the bookstore downtown, where they were waiting, and I joined them on a tour of Silliman University. April, the girl in the pink, is actually a campus ambassador (or whatever it's called at Silliman) and does the campus tours for the school, so she's full of random information. :) I had fun, though. They pointed out buildings to me, and my favorite part was when they would tell me which ones were haunted and "why". If every place that is supposedly haunted on that campus actually is, I think I would be terrified to go there. I guess you could expect a couple of ghosts, though, at a university that was commandeered by the Japanese during World War II, serving as an enemy hospital and, supposedly, as an execution site for innocent people, including priests. Afterward, we walked across the street to Cafe Antonio, a coffeeshop housed in what I believe to be a historic Spanish building. I ordered a mocha frappuccino, and it was fabulous.

Afterward, the three of us walked to Lee Plaza, then took a pedicab to Robinson's. We walked around the entire mall, though there wasn't much to see as most stores haven't opened yet and the inside of the building itself is still under minor construction. The entire inside is filled with dust - you can actually see it in the air and feel yourself breathing it. I wonder why they even opened it up if it wasn't 100% complete yet. The construction is very shoddy, as well. The tiles in the sidewalk are already coming undone or missing entirely. I guess they were in a hurry to meet a deadline. Apparently it was supposed to have been finished last year. Not to mention, the Christmas season is coming up, so I guess they want it open well before Christmas - finished or not. Anyway, we walked around, and it was fun to talk and catch up. Once we'd finished walking around, we had lasagna and dessert at the Sans Rival branch inside the mall (love that place and lovelovelove their lasagna and Mocha Crunch cake!) We then took a pedicab back to my aunt and uncle's house, where they visited for a little while, before I joined my uncle to drop them back off. Overall, it was a lot of fun. It's nice to hang out with people my age for once. To hang out with anyone at all that isn't family, really.

Tuesday, December 1 (yesterday):
Yesterday was ENTIRELY worthless. I literally sat around all day. I spent most of it talking to Bruno online. We're having a lot of issues right now, so it was both a blessing and a curse. I always enjoy speaking with him, but I feel like we're heading toward a bad place right now. BUT, that's for another time and another blog. Tuesday = talked to Bruno all day. The end.

Wednesday, December 2 (today):
Today was uneventful, as well. I talked to Bruno online for a little while, then in the afternoon I went with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to Robinson's to explore. As I said, I already got to explore it Monday and nothing had changed since, but this was their first time there. We walked around a little, then got fruit shakes at Thirsty's (I think that's what it's called?) We then ran into my other aunt and uncle, so we visited with them for a while and walked around a little more. Finally, before we left, we stopped by Sans Rival for snacks (lasagna for me, as always!) On the way home, we stopped at HyperMart to pick up groceries, then came back home and had dinner. Anddddd that pretty much covers my day.


Mr Vice said...

Good to see you're finally getting out of the house with people your own age. :) I can't wait for you to be back.